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Skate Church


Father Jake built a diy mini ramp in the Willimantic boonies which has become the one and only skate church.

Jake locking in a fakie smith.

The only 10 commandments you should follow. 

Avery all smiles at the church.

Avery living up to his name with a finger flip.

Avery with a front feebs for good measure.

Skate church is always a vibe! 

Hush boosting a frontside flip with ease.

Hush having a blast pushing through this 5-0 grind. 

Bill front lip through the corner.

Bill with a lite nosepick.

Daniel is a technical wizard.

Daniel coming of the extension post kickflip back tail.

Daniel with a back tail steeze. 

Thomas using the extension to his advantage. 

Thomas with a transfer of the extension. 

Bundle up in the winter days. 

But stay ready to drop in.

Thank you for always having us over for a sesh Father Jake!